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Passport is the one Mobile Nations account to rule them all. With Passport you get instant access to Android Central, CrackBerry, iMore, WPCentral, and webOS Nation, and you can even choose to link all you favorite social networks like Twitter, Facebook, Google, and Microsoft. And there’s a ton of other, cool features coming soon.

It’s good. You want it.

Wait! What happens to my existing CrackBerry/Android Central/iMore/WPCentral/webOS Nation account?

Nothing! You keep all your existing accounts. Passport just makes it easier for you to login into other Mobile Nations sites when and if you choose to. Nothing will get created behind your back or forced on you. Promise.

My username changed!

Because we are unifying five different membership databases, about 1% of conflicting usernames were appended with #AC, #IM, #CB, #WP, or #WN. If you previously used the same username across multiple sites, you may be able to reclaim your original username by linking the accounts.

Will I need to create a new account for Passport?

Nope. Just login to one Mobile Nations site and if you have accounts on other Mobile Nations sites as well, you can link them right up.

Okay, how do I link my accounts?

We’ll do it for you automatically. If we miss any, for example, due to different usernames or email addresses, we’ll also give you the opportunity to link them manually.

Hey, why is there a #hashtag on some of my usernames?

In about 1% of cases, Passport comes across conflicting usernames. (Somebody else has the same username as you on a different Mobile Nations site). When that happens, we might have to appended your username with #AC, #IM, #CB, #WP, or #WN on those sites. Linking all your accounts can sometimes get rid of that, and you can also easily change your username if you want to.

Tapatalk isn’t working, what can I do?

If you changed your username, you’ll need to login on the web first before Tapatalk (or other third party apps) can work.

I need help!

Feel free to email us at accounts@mobilenations.com or call our help desk at (888) 599 8997 8am-5pm EST